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Hitachi VK-S654ER 35X Integration Color SONY CCD Camera

Hitachi VK-S654ER 35X Integration Color SONY CCD Camera

VK-S654R/S654ER: with a new progressive frames  recording, Image stabilization, high sensitivity F1.4 lens and day / night functionality with wide dynamic range

color zoom camera

Hitachi VK-S654R-C/S654ER-C is RoHS corresponding small camera for a variety of light conditions in different scenarios designed to monitor. Wide dynamic range function based design, even in high contrast scenes can be captured without flash or no loss of detail images.

Compact 35x optical zoom

Built-in high stability 35x optical motorized zoom allows users from different angles on the scene to be monitored. Combined with 12x digital zoom, the total zoom ratio of 420 times. When you activate the image stabilizer function, the maximum is 1.8 times digital zoom.

Image stabilization (EIS)

Hitachi's EIS function allows you to enjoy super video experience. VK-S654R-C/S654ER-C can be installed in cars and other means of transport, and by automatically reduce blur, image jump to get clear and stable images.

Progressive frames can be directly input DVR

High-quality images directly input your DVR. Through progressive video to eliminate grainy images and annoying lines. With this new feature to get a clearer, higher quality video images painted.

Wide dynamic range function (WDR)

Hitachi's wide dynamic range technology in the two video scene using two shutter speeds and two screen integrated into a progressive scan display. F1.4 lens with high sensitivity can be achieved will be too bright and too dark scenes so you can mix and delicate images captured


*  Model:  VK-S654ER /VK-S654R
*  Format: NTSC PAL
*  Image sensor: 4.5mm Dia. 1/4"
*  Total pixels: 410K: 811 กม 508 470K: 795 กม 596
*  Effective pixels: 380K: 768 กม 494 440K: 752 กม 582
*  Effective pixels: 380K: 768 กม 494 440K: 752 กม 582
*  Scan mode: 1:1 progressive scan
*  Zoom Magnification: 35 กม (f = 3.4 ~ 119mm)
*  Actual F value: 3.4 ~ 119mm
*  Angle: 55.8 กใ (wide-angle) -1.7 กใ (hyperopia)
*  F Value: F1.4 (Wide) - F4.2 (hyperopia)
*  Zoom Speed​​: 4.6s (default) / 6.6s (Software)
*  Default: Tracking / non-tracking 3.2s/2.0s (Software)

*  Auto: Pro.AER (OFF-ON-1/4-1/4K) NTSC Pro.AER (OFF-ON-1/3-1/4K) PAL
*  Manual: (On / Off) to provide software
*  Zoom / Focus / Iris: 500,000 cycles
*  Portable Infrared Filter: 50,000 cycles
*  DSP Processor: DSP-7
*  Electronic speed door: Yes (SDRAM 1 / F), without WDR
*  Progressive / Interlace: Off / On (Software)
*  WDR function (WDR): OFF / ON (automatic offside} {/ Manual) (Software)
*  Stabilizer Stabilizer: Yes (E max 1.3X)
*  Image opposite: OFF / ON (software), no WDR
*  Mirror settings: OFF / ON (software), no WDR
*  Freeze setting: OFF / ON (Software)
*  B / W: Off / On (Software)
*  Regional screening: Off / On (2 area 2-D / 8 regional 3-D) (Software)
*  Fixed area Shielding: OFF / ON (can be arbitrary choice: 12 กม 24) (Software)
*  Title Display: OFF / ON [24 characters] (Software)
*  Motion Detection: Off / On (Software)
*  Parameter Adjustment: Yes [default storage (up to 111), WB adjustment]
*  Digital Zoom: Off / On (12-fold [Software: up to 12 times])
*  Image Dynamic Noise Cancellation: Yes (no AGC OdB)
*  Auto: Pro.AE (1/60-1/4KS) Pro.AE (1/50-1/4KS)
*  Automatic (DS Shutter): Pro.AER (1/2-1/4K-1/4ks: seamless) Pro.AER (1/1.5-1/3-1/4ks: seamless)
*  Manual: Shutter priority 1/2-1/30ks: Software
*  Exposure priority F1.6-F32: Software
*  AGC Priority: No WDR 0-30dB: Software
*  Manual Sensitivity: 32X 16X 8X 4X 2X (Software)
*  Iris: Auto / (Offside: Software)
*  BLC: OFF / ON (Software)
*  White Balance: Auto / (Manual: Software)
*  Horizontal resolution  Normal: (1/60s, 1/50s) Basic .540 TVL
*  SNR:> 50dB

*  Number of lines: Color Mode: 540TVL black and white: 570TVL
*  Auto: VAF
*  Manual: (near / far) available (software)
*  Focus: 1m (hyperopia)-0.01m (Wide)
*  Portable Infrared filter Lens

*  IR cut filter ON: (1/60s, 1/50s) 0.5 Lux interlaced / 1 Lux progressive scan
*  IR cut filter ON: (1/4s, 1/3s) 0.05 Lux interlaced / 0.1 Lux progressive scan
*  IR cut filter ON: (1/2s 1/1.5s) 0.025 Lux interlaced / 0.05 Lux progressive scan
*  IR cut filter OFF: (1/4s 1/3s) 0.001 Lux (B & W mode): Progressive Scan
*  With infrared illumination: 0Lux (black and white)
*  Within 3 m: F1.4W 350MV
*  Sync System: Internal / line-lock (60Hz) Internal / line-lock (50Hz)
*  Voltage: 9-12V DC
*  Current: 290mA with a wide dynamic
*  Maximum current: 380mA with a wide dynamic
*  Maximum power consumption: 2.6W (3.4W) has a wide dynamic
*  Video Output: 1.0V p-p Y / C output
*  Dimensions (W x H x L): 50 กม 60 กม 89.5mm
*  Weight: 240G
*  Connector: 2 (9 pin/4Pin: Y / C output)
*  Operating temperature: 0 ~ +60 degrees (recommended: 0  ~ +40 degrees)


System: NTSC ( VK-S654ER ) or PAL ( VK-S654R ) choose
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